What Will Your Legacy Be?
“We can do no great things; only small things with great love.”
Mother Theresa
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Thousands of children in Kenya are orphaned or separated from their families, abandoned or left alone and defenseless in refugee camps. Who will care for them? That is exactly why the Bible calls us to care for orphans and widows. They are absolutely desolate and have no one to help them if not for you and me. Kenyan orphans are left to fend for themselves and often care for their siblings. They are vulnerable to predators, traffickers and child soldier recruiters. Now, the children in the Bosnia Church Orphan Home have found  love and a place to belong. Our family has chosen to help support their family and we are so blessed by this partnership. We would love you to join us and take part in the blessing too! What will YOUR legacy be? Will you be remembered for your acts of love and compassion? Here is your opportunity to do just that. To join in partnership with us, please follow the “Join Our Team” link. If you are not currently in a place where you can share financially, you can still help us in two important ways. First, we need prayers for  “our kids.”  Please share this site with anyone and everyone that you know.  And pray, too, that it will find the right hands and hearts.
Bosnia Church Orphan Home  Kitale, Kenya
Our goal is to raise $1,500/month to provide for the children’s daily physical needs: food, clothing, health care, and education. Most of the children have lost their parents to malaria or other common diseases. Though once left alone and vulnerable now they have a second chance at childhood. Your support can give them love and security.
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